Gioncarlo Valentine

Gioncarlo Valentine (b. 1990) is an award-winning American photographer and writer. Valentine hails from Baltimore City and attended Towson University, in Maryland. Backed by his seven years of social work experience, his work seeks to examine issues faced by marginalized populations, most often focusing his lens on the experiences of Black/LGBTQIA+ communities. Through writing and photography, Gioncarlo aims to broaden conversations around masculinity culture, gender, and belonging.


Select Publications/Clients include: Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, Apple, Vogue, WSJ Magazine, Insider, Esquire, Gap, New York Magazine, Amazon, Variety,  Scientific American,  Kinfolk, People Magazine, PUMA, TIME, Netflix, Omerta, NYCGO, The Marshall Project, The New York TimesSaks Fifth Avenue, Guardian, Harley and Co., Fast Company, Propublica, Botox Cosmetics, and Huffington Post.


Gioncarlo is based between New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. He is available for commissions worldwide.


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